Gusto’s First Day Home 7-25-2002

I am relaxing with my ball.

We adopted Gusto on Thursday, 25th of July 2002 from the DC Animal Shelter. Everyone there was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. From what we have gathered from our vet and the shelter, Gusto is mostly or all Bearded Collie. He is approximately 4 months old. He is cute, energetic and wants to learn. His first day home he enjoyed playing with his bone.

Hey…that’s where I left my bone. I have too many toys to keep track of.

This bone is mine and I am taking it with me wherever I go.

After playing with his bone, Gusto decided to play some peek-a-boo / hide-and-go-seek games.

You can’t see me because I am peeking around the corner in the kitchen.

Boo! I was hiding under the chair!

After playing all these fun games on his first day home, Gusto was tired and decided a nap was in order.

Home Sweet Home…Boy was I tired.


This time I was so tired…I did not even make it back to my crate.