University of Maryland
4:30 PM Monday, February 6, 2023
Talk Recording

Antti Pulkkinen
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Heliophysics Science Division and our DEIA activities

The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Heliophysics Science Division (HSD) vision is “To discover and innovate in heliophysics for the benefit of those on Earth and those exploring the solar system." HSD conducts research on the Sun, its extended solar-system environment (the heliosphere), and interactions of Earth, other planets, small bodies, and interstellar gas with the heliosphere. Division research also encompasses geospace -- Earth's uppermost atmosphere, the ionosphere, and the magnetosphere -- and the changing environmental conditions throughout the coupled heliosphere. Scientists in the HSD develop models, spacecraft missions and instruments, and systems to manage and disseminate heliophysical data. They interpret and evaluate data gathered from instruments, draw comparisons with computer simulations and theoretical models, and publish the results. In the second part of the presentation, I will introduce you to our Division and discuss how you can get involved with our work.

Diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible (DEIA) workplace is critically important not only for the well-being of personnel but also for the overall 21st century organizational success. HSD has taken a very active posture in addressing the DEIA topic within the Division. We spearheaded Directorate’s (Division’s parent organization) Culture and Climate Survey conducted 2020. Importantly, the survey for the first time included all individuals working in the organization. HSD has taken a range of actions based on the survey recommendations including hiring full-time DEIA professional and establishment of an advisory committee that makes actionable recommendation to the Division management. Further, we have made DEIA and well-being of our workforce one of the central elements of our HSD strategy. I will share brief highlights on our recent DEIA work. I will discuss the role of DEIA in our organizational strategy and the path forward in addressing our culture and climate issues.