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Leonard F. Burlaga
Heliophysics Science Division, NASA/GSFC

Magnetic Fields in the Termination Shock, Heliosheath and Solar Wind

This paper discusses recent magnetic field observations of the termination shock (TS), heliosheath (HSH), and supersonic solar wind (SW) made by Voyager 1 (V1) and Voyager 2 (V2). Voyager 2 crossed the TS at least 5 times at 83.7 AU and 27.5° South heliographic latitude during 2007/242.14 to 244.80. The structure of the shock, observed on three of the crossings, was highly variable, ranging from a simple quasi-perpendicular supercritical shock to a complex profile suggesting reformation. Two merged interaction regions were observed in the SW upstream of the TS, and the magnetic field increased to relatively high values during the month prior to crossing the TS. Voyager 2 observations within the HSH will also be discussed. Voyager 1 observed a small radial gradient of the magnetic field strength B in the HSH. It is expected that B should increase from the TS to heliopause, but the available predictions of the profile are not adequate to compare with the observations. Voyager 1 has entered a unipolar region, as the heliospheric current sheet moved below the latitude of V1.