University of Maryland
4:30 PM Monday, April 11, 2022
Talk Recording

Doojin Kim
Texas AM University

Cosmogenic Boosted Dark Matter

The existence of dark matter (DM) in the universe is strong evidence that new physics beyond the Standard Model is needed to explain related phenomenology. While we know little about DM properties, many well-motivated new physics models consider the minimal dark sector scenario, "forgetting" other members in the dark sector. Furthermore, DM experiments are designed and results are interpreted in the context of the minimal dark-sector scenario. In this talk, we argue that different search paradigms are needed, given the current situation that no conclusive evidence has been found through non-gravitational interactions of DM. As a concrete example, we discuss models of boosted dark matter (BDM) arising in non-minimal dark-sector scenarios and their phenomenological implications including detection prospects of cosmic-origin BDM signals at terrestrial experiments and cosmic-ray experiments.