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Young Soo Yoon
University of Maryland

Cosmic ray Proton and Helium spectra above TeV from CREAM-I and CREAM-III Flights

The balloon-borne Cosmic Ray Energetics And Mass (CREAM) instrument measures the composition and energy spectra of primary cosmic rays. CREAM has flown six times over Antarctica since 2004. The CREAM-III payload flew for 29 days during the 2007-2008 Antarctic season. The flight accumulated significantly more data at lower energies with improved read-out electronics and lower electronics noise level of the calorimeter than the two previous flights. The silicon charge detector (SCD) provided better resolution with reduced electronics noise than the CREAM-I flight data. In addition, two silicon layers in SCD provided two independent charge measurements. Proton and helium energy spectra from the CREAM-III flight will be compared with results from CREAM-I.