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Daniel B. Berdichevsky
Independent Scholar

Force Balance in the Evolution of a Class of ICMEs

The observation of: (a) coronal mass ejections (CMEs), and (b) in-situ of plasma and magnetic field properties during the 23th solar minimum with multiple spacecraft instruments allowed the identification of a class of CMEs that seems to travel away from the Sun in a way that is consistent with uniform motion. Here we present a possible explanation of these observations for a class of CMEs. We do that in the formalism of the magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). The implications for this assumption provide a simple connection between the poloidal magnetic field of the CME with its mass. In finding this novel solution, the shape of the CME is derived, showing a deviation from the simple circular cross-section for the magnetic flux-rope (FR) expansion free of interactions derived in Berdichevsky, Lepping and Farrugia, PR E67, 2003. Finally we present three applications of this model showing that it provide predictions of the mass of CMEs from mean density plasma measurements in the path of the CME, see also Berdichevsky, Solar Phys., accepted, 2012.