University of Maryland
Atlantic Building, Room 2400
4:30 PM Friday, October 13, 2006
Coffee, Tea & Snacks 4:15-4:30 PM

J. Randy Jokipii
University of Arizona

Special Friday Seminar:
New Insights into the Solar-Wind Termination

Observations from the Voyager spacecraft, near the solar-wind termination shock and in the inner heliosheath, have confirmed many previous ideas, but have also raised new questions and generated significant controversy.
The observations mandate a blunt termination shock that was moving rapidly inward at the time of the Voyager 1 shock crossing. The effects of these properties of the shock on the energetic particles are significant.
I will address new effects of the bluntness and shock motions, in the framework of the picture of particle acceleration at the termination shock. These show encouraging agreement with observations.

Sponsored by: Department of Physics and the Institute for Physical Science and Technology, University of Maryland. For information call Victoria at (301) 405-4811 or go to the UMD Space Physics group seminar web site.

There is free parking after 4:00 PM in lot B (the big parking garage across the street from the ATL building). There are a limited number of spaces in lot Q next to the new ATL wing with free parking after 4PM even when there is a basketball game on campus.