Dear LECP Team:

We have observed some changes in the CH19 rate on V1 which may indicate a

problem with the CH19 rate scaler. As the data below show, the number of rate

counts in CH19 (per ~ one month period) drops precipitously from a typical

1998 value of 167 in November 1998 to zero counts in February 1999. During

this same time the number of PHA counts in this rate remains at fairly typical


Period PHA counts Rate counts

1998/309-336 157 167

1998/337-364 110 66

1999/1-31 105 10

1999/32-59 96 0

We see no changes in the PHA data associated with this rate during the early

1999 period. There do not appear to be any similar problems in the

other rates

that we have checked, nor in V2, but we have not checked all of the rates.

If the other members of the LECP team could take a look into this, perhaps

we can determine an explanation and hopefully a resolution to this problem.

Best regards,