The following links are provided as additional resources for the study of space physics.

Space Physics Educational Material

Use these sites to find out more about Space Physics in general.

Windows to the Universe

The National Earth Science Teachers Association's extensive educational outreach site, with sections about the planets, the Sun, comets, and asteroids, as well as a vast store of information on the people, missions, science, mythology, and even art associated with the study of our universe. Customizable to your browser and educational level.

Today's Space Weather

NOAA space environment center. Includes a current H-alpha image of the Sun, a 3-day solar activity forecast, and self-updating plots of data from GOES and other satellites describing the solar environment. Also includes links to additional current data as well as data archives.

An all-around information site for space physics, including descriptions of solar phenomena and data from related instruments. Updated daily with news and conditions.

The Public Connection Project

Rice University's "digital museum" includes realtime earth and space science data, educational programs, videoconferences with scientists, and space weather news.

Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere

A "non-mathematical but quite detailed" overview of current research on the magnetosphere. The site is arranged more or less as a historical account as well as an informational site. An excellent textbook for use as an introduction to the study of space physics in the magnetospheric region.

Latest Images From SoHO

Today's images of the Sun from SOHO's six full-sun "cameras". Also includes real time movies and a screen saver.

Online Data

These sites offer a large variety of data from all kinds of instruments. To find online data for a specific instrument, try the project information page.

Space Physics Data System (NASA)
National Geophysical Data Center
National Space Science Data Center
Solar Data Analysis Center
Coordinated Data Analysis Web

Solar Activity Indicators

The following are sites providing records of different indicators of solar activity, including sunspot numbers, active region numbers, and X-ray flares. Data is provided in several forms.

Active Region Maps

Images of Active Regions

Daily Sunspot Numbers since 1874, plus more info on solar physics

Monthly Average Sunspot Numbers and a java plotter - a more user friendly version if you don't need the raw data

Sunspot Numbers by FTP

Miscellaneous Information

Media Coverage of ISTP Sun-Earth Connections Event, April 7-11, 1997

Media Coverage of ISTP Sun-Earth Connections Event, January 6-11, 1997

Space Graphics

Space Telescope Science Institute Gallery (Hubble pictures)

Pictures from Hubble's visual cameras, as well as a screen saver.

Sticker images from associated projects

Logos from projects that the Space Physics Group has participated in.

Satellite location maps

Clickable image maps showing the locations of most of the satellites carrying UMDSP instruments, plus a few others.

ESA Images and Videos

Pictures of Ulysses and its launch, graphics of its orbit, logos, and other promotional images.

SOHO artwork

An archive of images that SOHO has taken of the Sun with several different instruments.

ACE gallery

Pictures of ACE and its launch, diagrams, logos, and other memorabilia.