The Solar Energetic Particle Experiment an instrument that measures electrons from 0.02-6 MeV, protons from 0.02-100 MeV, Helium ions from .03-100 MeV/nucleon and heavier ions from .03-40 MeV/nucleon. Combined with solar wind electron and magnetic field data, which make up the rest of the IMPACT experiment, the measurements taken by the SEP sensors will provide a profile of the solar wind for use not only in creating a 3-dimensional view of solar activity and a greater understanding of the generation and evolution of coronal mass ejections (CMEs), but also as observation points in reference to other spacecraft with similar sensors such as ACE and WIND. Eventually, these measurements may be used in conjunction with MHD modeling to provide a physical basis for a full picture of interplanetary space between the Sun and the Earth, possibly leading to the prediction of some forms of space weather. For a more detailed statement of IMPACT's science objectives, click here.