Introductory Texts and Tutorials on Solar Physics and Space Physics

Part of the function of the IACG Campaign IV is to promote an exchange of data and ideas among members of the scientific community in the fields of Solar Physics and Space Physics. The educational and professional background of these two disciplines frequently differ. For this reason we are including references to general background texts. Please feel free to suggest other references that are available to the public.

References available on the WORLD WIDE WEB:

Solar System

General audience introductory internet tours of the solar system are given in The Nine Planets: A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System , by Bill Arnett
Table of Contents
The Sun
The Interplanetary Medium
Planetary Spacecraft

in Views Of The Solar System, compiled by Calvin J. Hamilton (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Table of Contents
The Sun

and in the Solar System leaflet of the Royal Greenwich Observatory
Table of Contents
The Sun

The Sun and Solar Physics

The Sun: A Pictorial Introduction, includes slides and explanations (P. Charbonneau and O.R. White). Some examples of available topics:
Introduction: Basic solar facts and terminology
Prominences (slide 7), Filaments and associated Magnetic Neutral Lines (slide 8)
The Sun in X-rays plus explanation, including polar coronal hole (slide 11)
Coronal Mass Ejections in white light plus explanation (slides 13 and 14)
The Corona through the solar cycle plus explanation (slide 20)
Conclusion: Solar-Terrestrial Interactions
Recommended Further Readings

The Heliosphere

The Heliosphere (Axford and Suess), including
The Interstellar Medium
Our Present Understanding of the Heliosphere
Distance to the Termination Shock

The Magnetosphere and Solar-Terrestrial Interactions

An Introduction to the Sun-Earth Environment (Geospace) by the IACG Homepage

The Space Weather Tutorial by Rice University includes general information on solar-terrestrial interactions and the earth's magnetosphere

Planetary Magnetospheres tutorial by C.T. Russell (UCLA Space Science Center)

The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere by D. Stern (NASA/GSFC) and M. Peredo (Hughes STX). "Space Physics for Poets" - Including subsections on the
Solar Wind
Solar Wind History
Solar Corona

Space Physics "Text Book " by the University of Oulu, Finland

Space Physics Tutorial on Wave-Particle Interactions in Plasmas by the University of California, San Diego

Other Resource Sites

Links to other WWW resource sites
Space-Related WWW Sites (Cern)
Space-Physics Resources WWW sites (ESA)
Tours Galore (ISTP/GSFC)
NASA WWW Servers by Center and other space sites
The Planetary Society "SPACEGATE" Educational Links

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