Listed below are meetings that may be of interest to members of the IACG IV campaign community. Mission-specific Science Working Team (SWT) meetings and mission-specfic workshops are listed here for scheduling and information purposes, only.

1996 Meetings Calendar

"*" indicates session(s) of particular interest to IACG-C4 participants

Month Date Meeting DescriptionLocation Abstr Due
12-16 FEB Chapman Conference on Magnetic StormsPasadena, CA, USA02 OCT 1995
11-15 MARCorotating Interaction Region (CIR) Workshop (Contact: IFKKI::Kunow) Gramisch-Partenkirchen, Germany15 JAN 1996
20-22 MAR Yohkoh Conference on Observations of Magnetic Reconnection in the Solar Atmosphere (Contact: R. D. Bentley, England31 JAN 1996
09-11 APR SCOSTEP/STEP WG-1 Workshop on Measurements and Analyses of the 3-D Solar Magnetic Field (Contact: Pat Corder Huntsville, Alabama, USA31 JAN 1996
15-19 APRCOSPAR SYMPOSIUM on Magnetospheric Research with Advanced TechniquesBeijing, China01 SEPT 1995
02-03 MAYUlysses Science Working Team Meeting SWT-35 ESTEC, Netherlandsn/a
06-10 MAY*European Geophysical Society (EGS) 21th Gen. Assy., including special sessions:

ST5 Open Session on Solar and Heliospheric Physics

ST7 The High Latitude Heliosphere


The Hague, Netherlands15 DEC 1995
13-18 MAY*8th European Meeting on Solar Physics: Solar and Heliospheric Plasma Physics (Contact: Loukas Vlahos, Greece
20-24 MAY* American Geophysical Union (AGU) Spring Mtg., including special sessions:

SH01 First Results from SOHO

SH02 Coronal Heating and Solar Wind Acceleration: First Observations From Spartan 201-3 and Other Recent Developments

SH04 Corotating Interaction Regions in Three Dimensions

SM05 Initial Results From Coordinated Solar-Terrestrial Data Analysis Campaigns

Baltimore, MD 29 FEB 1996
09-13 JUNEAmerican Astronomical Society (AAS) 188th Meeting, including special session:

First Results from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)

Madison, WI, USA05 APR 1996
14-16 JUNE SHINE Conference Solar, Heliospheric, and Interplanetary Environment (Contact: Boulder, CO, USA
16-21 JUNE Gordan Research Conference CONNECTIONS: Energy Transport in Solar System and Astrophysical Plasmas (Contact: Henniker, NH, USA
24-28 JUNEGEM WorkshopSnowmass, CO, USA
8 - 12 JUL *ISSI/IACG-C4 Working Group Activity (Contact:, Switz.
14-21 JUL *COSPAR 31st Sci. Assy., including special sessions:

D0.1 Results of the IASTP Programme

D0.2 The Heliosphere at Solar Minimum and Beyond

E2.1 The Sun and its Atmosphere

E2.2 The Sun and its Role in the Heliosphere


Birmingham, UK15 JAN 1996
23-27 JUL* 1996 Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting, including special sessions:

SP02 The Solar Corona and Transition Region

SP03 The SoHO Mission

Brisbane, Australia15 MAR 1996
4 - 9 AUG*Conference on Missions ot the Sun - SPIE Symposium (Contact: Denver, CO, USA
11-15 AUG*Chapman Conference Coronal Mass Ejections: Causes and Consequences (Contact: N. Crooker or J. Joselyn MSU, Bozeman, MT, USA19 APR 1996
14-18 OCT* SOLTIP III Symposium on Solar and Interplanetary Transient Phenomena (Contact: Murray Dryer Beijing, China
15-19 DEC AGU Fall Mtg. San Francisco,CA 11 SEP 1996


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