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Welcome to the homepage for the IACG Campaign IV. This service is meant to act as a meeting place for the international solar physics and space physics communities that are engaged in Campaign IV activities. This page is currently under development, evolving as the campaign itself evolves.

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In 1981 the space agencies of Europe, the former USSR and Eastern European countries, Japan, and the United States of America formed the Inter-Agency Consultative Group for Space Science (IACG) to provide a framework for enhancing scientific cooperation among their respective agencies: the European Space Agency (ESA), Space Research Institute (IKI), the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The IACG mission coordination is primarily achieved through conducting specific campaigns, each of which has a definitive scientific focus. There are currently four IACG campaigns in the planning or implementation stage:

A "Campaign" involves the coordinated collection, analysis, interpretation, and eventual publication of core and ancillary data sets from multi-spacecraft and ground based observations covering limited time periods to achieve specific scientific objectives. Aspects of a campaign include: determination of campaign objectives, identification of key observing time periods, identification and coordination of required data sets, and coordination of data analysis.

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The purpose of IACG Campaign IV Solar Sources of Heliospheric Structure Observed Out of the Ecliptic is to plan the international coordination of solar and heliospheric observations during mid-1994 through 1996 covering the ESA/NASA Ulysses spacecraft's pass over the southern polar region of the sun, the perihelion pass across the solar equator, the northern polar pass, and the northern hemisphere descent. This extensive collaborative work potentially involves solar observations by the Yohkoh spacecraft, Ground-Based Observatories, the SOHO and Coronas spacecraft, and the Spartan Space Shuttle missions, and in-situ. observations by the Ulysses, IMP-8, SAMPEX, Voyagers, Pioneers, Wind, and ICE spacecraft. A coordinated effort with theoreticians and modelers is also required for the successful completion of the campaign objectives.


At the First IACG Solar-Heliospheric Workshop on "Solar Sources of Heliospheric Structure Observed Out of the Ecliptic" (Easton, MD, January 1994), four major science topics were identified:

  1. Large Scale Heliosphere and Its Dependence on Solar Photospheric and Coronal Phenomena
  2. Topology of Coronal Streamers
  3. Three-Dimensional Shape of Coronal Hole Boundaries
  4. Solar Wind Source and Acceleration

Within these major topics, several subtopics emerged, such as


summary table of proposed key observing time periods.

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Rice University's compilation of space weather resources

Recent Solar Reports:

NASA's Solar Data Analysis Center (SDAC) Current Solar Images of
Yohkoh Soft X-ray Telescope (Hiraiso Solar Terrestrial Research Center/ CRL, Japan)
Photospheric Magnetograms (U.S. National Observatory at Kitt Peak, AZ)
He I 10830 Å spectroheliograms (U.S. National Observatory at Kitt Peak, AZ)
Ca II K spectroheliograms (U.S. National Solar Observatory at Sacramento Peak, NM)
White-light coronameter images (HAO, Mauna Loa Solar Observatory, HI)

NOAA's Space Environment Laboratory (SEL) Current Solar Images, including:
Full Disk Magnetograms and He I 10830 Å (Kitt Peak, AZ)
Full Disk and Region Images (Learmonth, Australia)
Full Disk and Region Images (Holloman AFB, NM)
Full Disk H-alpha (SEL, Boulder, CO)

SOHO science planning daily solar images, including:
Big Bear Solar Obs., H Alpha
Big Bear Solar Obs., White light
Nat. Solar Obs. at Kitt Peak, He I 10830 Å
Nat. Solar Obs. at Kitt Peak, Magnetogram, synoptic map
Learmonth Obs., H Alpha
Nobeyama Solar Radio Obs., Radio
Yohkoh Soft-X Telescope, Soft X rays

The National Solar Observatory (NSO/Kitt Peak)
Most Recent synoptic daily Magnetogram and Spectroheliogram images of the sun.
Seven most recent daily magnetograms
Seven most recent daily He I 10830 Å spectroheliograms

Current solar images from the Catania Astrophysical Observatory - Italy:
Chromospheric H-alpha

Current solar images from MLSO (the Mauna Loa Solar Observatory Analysis Center at the High Altitude Observatory in Boulder, Colorado ):
Calibrated H-alpha disk and limb composite images,
collected with the digital prominence monitor (dpm).
Calibrated Coronal images, collected with the Mark 3 K-coronameter (mk3).
Raw mk3, dpm limb, and dpm disk data are also available.

Recent Solar Images from Mees Solar Observatory:
White Light Telescope image (550K)
Ca+K-Line Image (81K)
Stokes Polarimeter Magnetogram (ps file)
Stokes Polarimeter Continuum Image (ps file)

Online data from the Hiraiso Solar Terrestrial Research Center , Japan, including
Current Solar Radio Spectra from the Hiraiso Radio Spectrograph (HiRAS)

Data from Australia's IPS Radio and Space Science Services, including
Most Recent PRESTO solar radiospectrograph data (Culgoora Solar Observatory)

The Penticton 10cm Solar Radio Noise flux (Solar Radio Group, National Research Council Canada, Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory )
The latest 10cm flux daily bulletin.
The latest 10cm flux monthly report.

Recent Solar-Terrestrial and Near-Earth Reports:

Solar-Terrestrial Space Weather Report (NOAA Space Environment Laboratory), including
H-alpha solar image from Holloman AFB, NM
Geomagnetic Activity Forecast
X-Ray Flux from GOES-7 and GOES-8
Satellite Environment Plot (combines satellite and ground data)

Today's magnetograms from Kiruna, Sweden (Swedish Institute of Space Physics)

Recent Geotail Earth Orbit In-Situ Data
EPIC Observations
Description of Summary Data
Data Plots for 1995
Data Plots for 1994
CPI Observations
Solar Wind analyzer - Monthly Intervals (Oct '92 - recent)
Solar Wind analyzer - 5 Day Intervals (starting Feb '95)
Hot Plasma analyzer - 5 Day Intervals (1992 - recent)
Geotail Orbit Plots

Recent Interplanetary Reports:

Current Ulysses Observations
Radio data dynamic spectra plots from URAP
Solar wind composition data from SWICS: plots or text
Recent Voyager Observations
VOYAGER 2 Solar Wind Plasma plots from the MIT Plasma Science Group
Hourly solar wind speed averages over the last 100 days
Hourly solar wind speed averages over the last 400 days
Recent interplanetary events identified by plasma experiment
Solar wind dynamic pressure over the last two years
Solar wind dynamic pressure over the entire mission
Mission Overview Plot of Solar Wind Parameters (1977 - recent)

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This section under construction.


Coordinated Heliospheric Observations data base (COHO) Provides public access to selected parameters of heliospheric interest from Helios 1/2, ICE, Pioneer 10/11, Pioneer Venus Orbiter, Ulysses, Voyager 1/2
Links to Solar Archives are available through the Solar Data Analysis Center (SDAC):
BATSE Solar Flare Catalog
HRTS UV Solar Atlas
NSSDC OMNIWeb - 1-hour-resolution "near-Earth" solar wind magnetic field and plasma data, energetic proton fluxes (1-60 MeV), and geomagnetic and solar activity indices.
CDAWeb - NASA/GSFC Space Physics Data Facility and NSSDC web access to ISTP Key Parameter (KP) database, with data from Geotail, Wind, Interball and ancilliary s/c and ground observations.
Space Physics Data System - Magnetospheric On-Line Data (MOLD)
Navigating MOLD
Alphabetical directory of MOLD data links
Ulysses Predicted Orbit
Heliocentric Coordinates
Daily values: 1990 - 1999
Trajectory file available at nssdca::anon_dir:[coho.ulytrj]ulytrj.dat
For FTP access, click here.
SAMPEX Particle Fluxes
Interplanetary Energetic Particle Fluxes (electron, H, He, C, N, and O)
Plots currently available: July 1992 - December 1993
Voyager Solar Wind Plasma

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1 Toward a New Era of Global Solar-Terrestrial Research, The First Inter-Agency Consultative Group (IACG) Campaign: Magnetotail Energy Flow and Non-Linear Dynamics, Report of the Workshop held in Airlie House, USA, June 1-3, 1992, ed. E.C Whipple and H. Lancaster, October 1992.

2 Toward a New Era of Global Solar-Terrestrial Research, Second Inter-Agency Consultative Group (IACG) Campaign: Boundaries in Collisionless Plasmas, Report of the Workshop held in Graz, Austria, April 13-15, 1993, December 1993

3 Summary Report on the IACG Workshop on "Solar Sources of Heliospheric Structure Observed out of the Ecliptic", Easton, Maryland, January 27-29, 1994

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This homepage is obviously still under construction.

We (Hugh Hudson and Toni Galvin, the Campaign IV Leaders) want suggestions from the Ulysses, Yohkoh, Ground Based, and other interested communities, regarding the content, format, and implementation (including management and data distribution) of the campaign. We want to utilize the experience and expertise of individual members of the interplanetary, solar, and modeling/theory communities.

We would like interested parties to contact us

Toni Galvin,, (301-405-6208)
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